Assessment of Student Academic Performance (ASAP)

“Benchmark Assessment”


  1. Collect academic assessment data in order to establish a baseline as a reference point for curriculum implementation and measuring future academic growth.
  2. Assess the current curricula to better understand the learning needs of our students, instruction, and organization for appropriate revisions of academic resources.
  3. Develop a pathway for all students to meet specified academic standards and Youth-Leaders to improve instructional methods.


The content for the assessments will be on the following 6 categories specific to each division and level. For a comprehensive list and outline of content, please refer to the Curriculum Minimum Standards 2016 for AN-NS and VEYM Minimum Standard for Hiệp Sĩ.

  • Weekly Gospel (Phúc Âm Mỗi Tuần)
  • Eucharist (Thánh Thể)
  • VEYM (Phong Trào)
  • Specialty (Chuyên Môn)
  • Formation Skills (Nghiêm Tập)
  • Songs (Ca Hát)

Curriculum Minimum Standards 2016

Hiep Si Curriculum Minimum Standards