New VEYM Bylaws and More

March 01, 2019

The last time the Bylaws was updated was 10 years ago. Revisions were recommended to address the challenges and gaps in the VEYM/TNTT. After months of meetings, votings, editing, and more editing, on Friday, March 1, 2019, we will be signing the new Bylaws into law. Please pray for the VEYM and join us live on Facebook Veym-Usa Tntt. We will be posting an electronic version of the new Bylaws as soon as it is available! God bless!

In addition to the new Bylaws, we are also announcing the release of the following:
  1. This website! The new website offers a more modern look, easier to navigate, and will be our core communication platform. All of the latest news and training camps will be posted first on our website. Check out some of the new features:
    - New layout and mobile-friendly design
    - Latest VEYM Announcements and Bi-Weekly Newsletter
    - Up-to-date list of Training Camps and Other Events
    - Links for upcoming Weekly Gospel Lessons
    - If you have any feedback, feature requests, or encounter any issues with the new website, let the IT Team know via the Contact Form, and include [Website] in the subject. Thanks!
  2. The VEYM eStore! On top of the new website, we have also revamped our eStore! The new eStore not only reduces our operational cost but also provides a more eye-catchy look and much, much easier and simpler way to purchase beautiful VEYM uniforms and products.
  3. And lastly, the introduction our very first VEYM Online Education Center. You will now have the ability to fulfill our pre and post assignment completely online, no more e-mailing or sending in your hard copy of your homework, completely electronic! We are building this education platform based on known good practices from large schools and universities. Please be patient with us as we roll this out to the first two classes this year, Sinai 25 and Tiberia 13!
We are thrilled to share with you our hard working results and hope to further VEYM's mission and evangelize much greater than ever before.