TNTT Bi-Weekly #22

September 03, 2019


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This past week, history was made when a delegation of VEYM-USA members traveled to France to assist in a week long training camps. The last time VEYM-USA was there was exactly 22 years ago and it was during that time, the tragedy of Tr. Vincete Nguyen Duc Mau took place. Thanks be to God, all VEYM-USA members arrived home safely. The four training camps achieved outstanding results as reported by training camps participants and discussions are in place to expand VEYM/TNTT across Europe where appropriate. Please follow our Facebook's album for additional camp photos.


In the spirit of brotherhood and unity in Christ, along with the National Executive Committee (Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ương) and HLVs present, our General Chaplain (Tổng Tuyên Úy) presents our gift (VEYM/TNTT flag) to VEYM/TNTT France.


In union with VEYM/TNTT in the US and France, a special mass intention was offered to pray for linh hồn Vincente Nguyễn Đức Mậu (from US) and Giuse Đỗ Ngọc Hương (from France), marking exactly 22 years since their passing following an automobile accident after a training camp in France. May God have mercy on their souls and may HE keep everyone safe as they en route to home destination. God bless!!!

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Please join us in praying for Tr. Anna Lê Trần Kristie from Đoàn Maria Nữ Vương, Liên Đoàn Gioan Phaolô II as she answers the call to the religious life. Beginning this week, she will enter the convent. We send her our prayers and love.


Congratulations to the following Liên Đoàn on their successful training camps! Thank you everyone for all your hard work and for continuing to provide opportunities for our leaders to grow in knowledge and in faith!

1) Lửa Hồng 25 & Samaritano 71, Auburn, WA, Liên Đoàn Inhaxio

2) Vươn Lên 36, Keren, TX, Liên Đoàn Biển Đức.

Vươn Lên 36, Keren, TX, Liên Đoàn Biển Đức

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Lửa Hồng 25 & Samaritano 71, Auburn, WA, Liên Đoàn Inhaxio

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Trợ Uý

BCHTU xin tạ ơn Chúa và welcome Sơ Catherine Teresa Bùi Duyên Anh as our newest Trợ Uý, thuộc Dòng Đaminh Nữ tại Houston, Texas. Chúc mừng Liên Đoàn Biển Đức có thêm Trợ Uý duyên dáng, đầy sức sống và rất ư là dễ thương. Sơ Duyên Anh attended Cấp 1 in LĐ JoA and Cấp 2 this past weekend in LĐ Biển Đức. Thank you Sơ for your love and support!

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Cấp 3
Lucia Phan Như Quỳnh
Phêrô Nguyễn Hoàng Bá Thông


Please join us in praying for our brother Peter Hoàng Vũ from TNTT Canada on receiving his Youth Leader Trainer I (HLVSC) scarf. May the Holy Spirit work in him as he live and preach the Good News to all. Congrats and God bless!!!

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After meeting with representatives from our Leagues to Chapters to set the initial registration effort, Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ương is excited to announce, the Coming to the Promised Land National Convention 7 (Đại Hội Về Đất Hứa Toàn Quốc 7) registration is LIVE at

Formal announcement and specific registration guidelines forthcoming. A special thank you to all Leagues of Chapters and our IT team in making this possible. Note, early bird rate available and TBA scholarship and fundraising opportunities. Register early and save!!!

God bless!!!

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We are excited to announce two new services available to our members!

First, you can now purchase a dial-in phone number for your Teams or Skype for Business meetings. This is very useful for those who cannot join your meetings using those apps but still need to join audibly using a phone number to call in.

Second, while we encourage you to use the Microsoft Office cloud offerings already available on your VEYM account for applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can now purchase an Office 365 ProPlus subscription at a discount so you can download and install them to your computer and use them anytime.

You can order these products at Please allow 1-2 business days for processing. Visit for any questions or issues.

Holy Family League of Chapters Youth Leader Convention


Mong rằng chúng ta góp một bàn tay xây dựng và mở rộng Tin Mừng cho mọi người mọi nơi. Xin tất cả giúp phổ biến và mời gọi tham dự để hổ trợ cho quý tu sĩ. Xin Chúa chúc phúc cho việc làm của chúng ta để làm sáng danh Ngài.
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Living the Eucharistic Day national campaign is now well into Phase III from August 1st through September 30th. Please continue to remind your youth and help them understand the different components of it. Leave no youth member behind. We need your support. #sntt

Phase 3: Sign of the Cross in the morning, noon and night; Day and Night Offering Prayer; Reflection, Act of Contrition and Holy Communion or Spiritual Communion

Order your Sống Ngày Thánh Thể handbook and prayer cards here .


SNTT Handbook


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In conjunction with the National Living the Eucharistic Day Campaign, the VEYM Heroes Initiative is also at full speed ahead. Let's be disciples and witnesses to the Good News through our apostolic works.

Plan and execute a charity project with your chapter to service the community and you could receive 10K to sustain your effort. All projects will receive cash awards. One project will receive 10K. Winners will be announced at #VDH7. Speak to your League of Chapters (Liên Đoàn) for additional information.

Please see official announcement and video, and SERVE. Please share

VEYM Heroes Initiative 2019-2020 Announcement

VEYM Heroes Initiative Cover Page

2019 BYLAWS!!!

Own a copy!!! If you have not yet purchased your By Law book, do it soon! Only $5 per copy!
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We're excited to announce the general availability of signing up for a VEYM account ( Your VEYM account is your single identity moving forward. This account will be used to sign into many of VEYM's online services. Please send VEYM/TNTT related emails from your VEYM account as well for data privacy and security reasons. Treat it as any other work or school email. We know we know... another email?? Don't worry the transition is seamless and we're here :to help you be successful with your account and all the benefits that it comes with!

You will have the ability to access the VEYM inbox, Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, Skype for Business, and many more! You can access them by going to Many of these applications also have a mobile version. Just search the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for them, especially for Outlook and Teams. They are convenient and powerful tools to have at your hands, especially in your service to VEYM.

You can sign up at Please DO NOT sign up again if you already have an account. You will receive more info after you sign up.

Additionally, our new technical support portal is available. You can visit for constantly updated "how-to" articles and solutions to common questions with your VEYM account and Office 365. You can also submit technical support tickets here and track the progress as well (as long as you're using your VEYM email).

The VEYM is grateful for the VEYM IT Team, which are many, for all the hard work that they've done over the past few months. Special acknowledgement to Tr. Vien M Hua (Ủy Viên Kỹ Thuật), Tr. Dao, Tr. Tommy, and Tr. Vinh whose hard work made all the above possible.


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The NCYC is a gathering of 25,000+ youth that is hosted by the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry. The conference takes place every two years, and includes workshops, prayer times, and many activities that will inspire and move youth in their faith journeys. NCYC’s goal is to help youth encounter Christ, experience church, and be empowered for discipleship.

In 2017, the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement (VEYM) was asked to participate in NCYC in a very special way – leading the conference opening procession, performing a cultural dance in the opening ceremony and serving in the opening prayer session. We had over 35 VEYM members from various Chapters in Liên Đoàn John Paul 2 and Liên Đoàn Joan of Arc, formally known as Miền Trung and Miền Đông Nam respectively, there to participate. It was an amazing opportunity for our youth to share their love for Christ with the young Church of America. Videos of their participation can be found here at and

The next NCYC is from November 21-23, 2019, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The event is open to 9th-12th graders, recent high school graduates, and their chaperones. NCYC is a great opportunity for our young Vietnamese Catholics to experience the universal Church outside of our own parishes. Therefore, all Chapters are encouraged to prayerfully consider attending the 2019 NCYC. Our strong attendance at NCYC also helps to promote the diversity of the Catholic Church in America, and we would be so excited to have you represent VEYM at a national event like this!

How to Register:
NCYC accepts and processes registrations by Diocesan delegation only. Therefore, any VEYM Chapters or that would like to coordinate your group to attend, must register through your local diocese delegation. Many dioceses are beginning to promote registration within their dioceses already. Because the travel distance is different for every delegation, cost to attend varies by diocese and typically includes travel, lodging and conference fee. There are also opportunities through the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministers for youth scholarships.

If you are interested in taking a group from your Chapter or League, please contact Tr. Chi Pham Liz Chi Pham at for more information on scholarship and early-bird registration for NCYC is June. Tr. Chi will help get you connected to your diocesan delegation, keep you informed of scholarship opportunities, help us coordinate any specific VEYM activities while at NCYC, etc. Tr. Chi Pham will also be representing the VEYM and coordinating with all Chapters/League of Chapters in attendance.

At 1.02 seconds. VEYM/TNTT at the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) in 2017. For more info on the next NCYC 2019, please see FB feed and speak with Tr. Liz Chi Pham. As of now, we have a delegation of 40 members representing the VEYM/TNTT.


For questions, please contact Ban Tài Chánh at


Mùa huấn luyện sa mạc của chúng ta đã bắt đầu, xin thay mặt Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ương gởi đến quý Trưởng những đơn và thủ tục để hoàn tất phần phúc trình sa mạc. Thêm vào đó, để bảo vệ chúng ta và tránh những trường hợp dính liếu đến luật pháp, xin quý Trưởng lưu ý đến những điều sau:

BEFORE CAMP (Ban Tổ Chức & Sa Mạc Trưởng)

1. All camps must have liability insurance for the training camp hosted. Please contact Tr. Biên Nguyễn (VP Admin Affairs) at if you require assistance in securing liability insurance.

2. All camp participants (Tuyên Úy, Trợ Úy, HLVs, HTs, Trợ Tá, and Sa Mạc Sinh) must be an official member of the VEYM. As such, all camp participants must have a valid membership ID number and Chapter is current with annual membership dues. Please contact Tr. Viễn Hứa (Ủy Viên Kỷ Thuật, BCHTU) at for assistance as needed.

3. All camp participants (Tuyên Úy, Trợ Úy, HLVs, HTs, Trợ Tá, Parents, Helpers, Guest Speakers, and Sa Mạc Sinh) must be 18 years or older, especially with Cấp 1, please ensure an ID verification process is in place to prevent minors from participating.

4. All camp participants (Tuyên Úy, Trợ Úy, HLVs, HTs, Trợ Tá, Parents, Helpers, Guest Speakers, and Sa Mạc Sinh) must sign the liability waiver form attached. Those needing clarification on the liability form, please provide ample time for participants to ask questions and receive adequate response.

5. All HLVs must have current HLV faculty status with HLV ID card in order to train at camp.

6. Send a copy of the camp agenda and roster of SMS to Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ương at two(2) weeks before the start of the training camp.

DURING CAMP (Sa Mạc Trưởng/Ban Huấn Luyện)

Theo lời yêu cầu của Cha Tổng Tuyên Úy và Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ương, xin quý Trưởng thực tập và nhấn mạnh 2 điều sau:

1. Emphasize to all training camp participants that their training as a Youth Leader does not end after Cấp 1, but ongoing and at minimum, at the completion of Cấp 3 Lãnh Đạo, Tiberia. BCHTU will open more Tiberia as needed to accommodate the needs of Phong Trào. We have approximately 80 applicants this year, a true blessing.

2. Pray the Anima Christi after Communion during Mass to help các sa mạc sinh grow closer to Christ and be united with Him in His Passion. St. Alphonsus Liguori once wrote “there is no prayer more dear to God than that which is made after communion.” He continued that our loving thoughts and prayers after communion have greater merit then than otherwise “because they are then animated by the presence of Jesus Christ, who is united to our souls.” Please see attachment in both English and Vietnamese.

AFTER CAMP (Sa Mạc Trưởng/Ban Huấn Luyện)

1. Please complete the training camp report (to be completed by SMT) attached and send back to within 30 days after camp.

2. Please make available asap the link for Sa Mạc Sinh (only) to evaluate the camp immediately after the training camp: (all camps will use the same link).

3. Please make available asap the link for Ban Huấn Luyện (only) to evaluate the Camp Master immediately after the training camp: camps will use the same link).

On behalf of the National Executive Committee (Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ương), thank you for your ongoing support, service and love to Phong Trào.

In His Love,

Đaminh Hoàng Công Thái Dương

President, National Executive Committee

Facebook: Veym-Usa Tntt


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  • The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement (VEYM/TNTT) is deeply saddened at the loss of Matta Trần Thị Tý, grandmother of Tr. Phan Xuân Thịnh, Phan Như Quỳnh, Phan Xuân Diệp & Ân Như Thiên Hà (PNH Đoàn Phêrô & Phaolô - Orlando), Liên Đoàn Joan d'Arc. Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you and your family and hasten the journey of Matt’s to Heaven. May Jesus in the Eucharist, through the intercession of Mary, have mercy on Matt’s and deliver Matta to His Heavenly Kingdom. Amen!
  • The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement (VEYM/TNTT) is deeply saddened at the loss of Marco Ngô Quốc Tùng, father of HSTT Timmy Ngô and HS Ann Ngô, Đoàn Kitô Vua Denver, LĐ JP2. Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you and your family and hasten the journey of Marco to Heaven. May Jesus in the Eucharist, through the intercession of Mary, have mercy on Marco and deliver Marco to His Heavenly Kingdom. Amen!