Weekly Gospel Lessons

2018-2019 Weekly Scripture Lessons and Activities

With great excitement, the Curriculum Committee announces its publication of the Weekly Scripture Lessons and Activities starting this week on TNTT Weekly. The lessons are also available on the VEYM website as a downloadable resource for all VEYM members. The Weekly Activities/Cheers are also available as they complement each Weekly Scripture Lesson. With your support through the annual membership dues, the National Executive Committee will mail the printed booklets at no cost to each Chapter the third week of August. Please provide BCHTU at bchtu@tntt.org your updated Chapter’s census and contact information. The Academy Headquarters encourages all Youth-Leaders to read the Youth-Leader Instructional Manual to understand the concept and structure behind the development of these lessons. The Weekly Scripture Lesson will include the following components:

  1. Scripture: Sunday Gospel presented
  2. Virtue: One Catholic virtue from the Gospel examined
  3. Lesson: Key topic (integration of gospel and virtue) discussed
  4. Activities:
    • Bible Song
    • Bible Cheer
    • Bible Game
  5. Homework: Practical tasks to live virtue assigned

Youth-Leader Instructional Manual

For the 2018-2019 school year, the Weekly Gospel Lessons are available as a full year booklet. You can download them here:

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