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Eucharistic Revival



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VEYM 2024 Student Curriculum Championship
March 12, 2024
Dearest Chaplains, Chaplain Assistants, and Youth Leaders: Building up from the success of last year’s championship, the National Executive Committee invites all Chapters and Leagues of Chapters to begin preparing for VEYM 2024 Student Curriculum Championship/Thi Đua Chương Trình Thăng Tiến Đoàn Sinh. Our second championship will take place at our VEYM Headquarters building this summer. All Leagues of Chapters are invited to provide opportunities for Chapters and encourage youth members to prepare and participate in local competitions leading up to the championship. DETAILS * What: VEYM 2024 Student Curriculum Championship * Who: 1 Companion/Nghĩa Sĩ and 1 Knight of the Eucharists/Hiệp Sĩ nominated by each League of Chapters. * Knight of the Eucharists/Hiệp Sĩ who will turn 18 between March and August 2024 and have not attended Youth Leader Level I training camp are eligible to participate. Affiliated chapter or participants must be in good standing and compliant with VEYM guidelines. To allow opportunities for other members to participate, winners from 2023 will not be eligible to participate. * Where: VEYM headquarters, Anaheim, CA * When: 05:00PM August 30th – 10:00PM August 31st, 2024 * Important: All participating members MUST be present at 0500PM to register and to go through championship orientation. Failure to be present at 0500PM will disqualify participating members. * How: Similar to last year, trivia style questions with timer on the following five categories: * Thánh Kinh / Weekly Gospels from September 2023 to June 2024 * Thánh Thể / Wonders of the Mass Video Series\ * Phong Trào / VEYM Bylaws (organizational structure), VEYM current events, and misc. * Chuyên Môn / Natural skills (Morse, Semaphore, Knots, Nature Signs, Formation/Nghiêm Tập) * Sinh Hoạt / Songs INDIVIDUAL/TEAM PRIZES * 1st place, $500/$1000; * 2nd place, $300/$600; * 3rd place, $200/$400 TRAVEL STIPEND Travel stipend provided (flight ticket not to exceed $500/person, full lodging and meals) for 1 Companion and 1 Knight of the Eucharist member from each League of Chapters. NOMINATION DUE DATE Each League of Chapters to submit the names of 1 Companion and 1 Knight of the Eucharist member by July 30th, 2024. Further logistic details will be communicated to League of Chapters presidents prior to the championship date. Inviting all Leagues of Chapters and Chapters to make every possible opportunity for our members to join. OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT DOCUMENT Official Announcement [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/5619b18e-a792-48cf-ab92-1f7a659e85b4/N24-004_VEYM%202024%20Student%20Curriculum%20Championship]   CurriculumContest2024 [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/e038163b-a7af-4ec7-b3f7-9852b74a8403?width=1080&height=1080]
Executive Committee Training Course Requirement AND Maisen II, Executive Committee Training Course
March 10, 2024
Dearest Chaplains, Chaplain Assistants, and Youth Leaders: Continuing with the success built over Maisen I, the National Executive Committee invites all eligible members to join us for our upcoming Maisen II in-person Executive Committee Training Course. The unique training course aims to better prepare future Executive Committee officers with the skills and knowledge to successfully carry out their duties and responsibilities, and to streamline our management practices at the Chapter, League of Chapters, and National Executive Committee level. The training course will offer hands-on skills with real world scenarios to assist the Executive Committee officers lead and manage their chapter/league of chapters effectively. The course also highlights information that is specific to the role and responsibilities of each member of the Executive Committee. As announced last year, it is a requirement that all Executive Committee/Ban Chấp Hành members receive the Executive Committee Training Course certificate of completion (virtual or in-person) prior to the installation ceremony/nghi thức tuyên hứa. With the delay in getting the course ready and available virtually for those unable to attend the in-person training, the implementation effective date is extended to the following year, May 1st, 2025. The certificate of completion for the Executive Committee training expires after four (4) years. The Maisen II registration details are below: MAISEN II - EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE TRAINING COURSE LOCATION: Lathrop E. Smith Environmental Education Center 5110 Meadowside Ln, Rockville, MD 20855 TIME: 05:00PM Friday, the 24th of May to 05:00PM Sunday, the 26th of May, 2024 REGISTRATION FEE AND DEADLINE: Free Registration by May 1st, 2024 REGISTRATION ELIGIBILITY: All Youth Leaders/Huynh Trưởng and Lay Chaplain Assistants/Trợ Tá; Currently active within the VEYM; Registered in the VEYM membership database/portal and signed the VEYM Code of Conduct; and Chapter registered under is in compliant with VEYM guidelines and policies. REGISTRATION WEBSITE: https://events.veym.net/ [https://events.veym.net/] QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: headquarters@veym.net TRANSPORTATION REQUEST: Please fill out this Google Form [https://forms.gle/z4nbWmh8Vqnpv1y48] The National Executive Committee invites all eligible members to make every effort to attend this important training camp to better serve your chapter and league of chapters. Your presence at this training camp will significantly bolster the effectiveness management of the chapter and league of chapters management across the VEYM.   OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT  Official Announcement [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/b132eef8-e525-45e7-a157-66addfa07b13/N24-003_Executive%20Committee%20Training%20Course%20Requirement%20AND%20Maisen%20II,%20Executive%20Committee%20Training%20Course]   Maisen2 [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/cd78c209-0ae1-457f-b220-f7a988d6f76f?width=1080&height=1080]
Cung Chúc Tân Xuân Giáp Thìn!!
February 10, 2024
Trọng kính quý Đức Cha, quý Cha Tuyên Úy, quý Thầy/Sơ Trợ Úy, quý Trợ Tá, quý Ân Nhân, quý Phụ Huynh, quý Huynh Trưởng xa gần, và các em đoàn sinh:   Mừng Xuân mới, trước nhất, chúng con xin cảm tạ Thiên Chúa với muôn hồng ân Ngài đã ban cho Phong Trào TNTT VN tại HK trong suốt năm qua. Giờ đây, trong giây phút tưng bừng đón xuân, cùng với các ban ngành cấp Trung Ương, chúng con với tấm lòng cảm xúc và niềm trân trọng biết ơn, vì trong năm qua, quý vị luôn nâng đỡ, đồng hành và chia sẻ công việc mục vụ giới trẻ nhằm mục đích xây dựng Phong Trào ngày càng vững mạnh trong đức tin, cậy và mến.  Trước thềm năm mới, nguyện xin tình yêu của Chúa Xuân, qua lời chuyển cầu của Mẹ Maria và các Thánh bổn mạng, ban nhiều phúc lộc, thánh ân và ơn lành xuống trên quý vị từ cấp đoàn, liên đoàn, và trung ương trong năm mới này. Cầu mong trong năm Giáp Thìn, chúng ta cùng chắp cánh với nhau trong yêu thương và hy vọng.  Với tâm tình con thảo ngày đầu xuân, xin mời quý vị cùng chúng con dâng lên Thiên Chúa tất cả những đóa hoa xuân Giáp Thìn trong niềm cảm tạ và tri ân. Tr. Đaminh Hoàng Công Thái Dương, Ph.D. President, National Executive Committee Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement     Vd H7 Lunar New Year Promo [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/1d6751bf-f6d6-45ee-a719-9195ca0d0d5e?width=1080&height=1080]
Sa Mạc Sinai XXXI - HLVSC Training Camp Announcement
February 07, 2024
Dearest Chaplains, Chaplain Assistants, Youth Leader Trainers, and Youth Leaders: The National Executive Committee is pleased to announce to all eligible VEYM members: SA MẠC HUẤN LUYỆN VIÊN SƠ CẤP - YOUTH LEADER TRAINER LEVEL I TRAINING CAMP, SINAI 31 1. Location: Lake Houston Wilderness Park; 25840 FM 1485 New Caney, TX 77357 1. *Nearest airport code with VEYM transportation service; IAH 2. Date & Time: From 02:00 PM Tuesday the 25th to 02:00 PM Sunday the 30th of June, 2024 3. Registration Fee: $300.00 4. Deadline: Apply by the 6th of March, 2024 (late applications will not be accepted) 5. Registration Requirements: 1. 23 years or older; 2. Copy of government issued photo ID and VEYM self-portrait picture; 3. Certified as a Youth Leader Level III for at least 1 year; 4. Currently active within the VEYM; 5. Registered in the VEYM membership database/portal and signed the VEYM Code of Conduct; 6. Application signed by the Chapter President, League of Chapters President, Chapter Chaplain, and League of Chapters Chaplain; 7. Chapter registered under is in compliant with VEYM guidelines and policies and; 8. Recommended by an active Youth Leader Trainer Level. 6. Once the registration is closed, completed applications will be reviewed for recommendation for admission. Applicants recommended for admission will be contacted for an oral quiz to assess baseline knowledge. Study material for the oral quiz is attached. Upon passing the oral quiz, applicants will be officially admitted to Sinai 31 training camp. TRAINING CAMP REGISTRATION GUIDE 1. Go to https://camps.veym.net/ [https://camps.veym.net/] and click on the desired training camp to register 2. Fill out the requested information 3. Complete the respective training camp application form (with all signatures signed) and waiver attached 4. Upload all required documentations and click “add to cart” *Copy of govt. ID, youth leader level III certificate (issued upon promotion, not the certificate of completion issued at the end of the training camp), application form with all signatures signed, waiver form with all signatures signed, and a recommendation letter from an active Youth Leader Trainer. 5. Proceed to checkout and pay with a credit card 6. A confirmation email will be provided for record APPLICATION FORMS Official Announcement [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/cbcdaf71-4c4f-45ac-98aa-73d4fc73e1b4/N24-002%20Thong%20Bao%20Sa%20Mac%20Sinai%2031%20HLVSC%20-%202024.pdf] Liability Agreement [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/120bb2a7-21b5-46bb-9bfa-5422781a331e/LiabilityAgreementSinai31-2024.pdf] Application Form [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/80e6c37f-51d3-4f98-bd02-199c6e952f6d/Application%20Sinai%2031%20SC014%202024.pdf] Basic Knowledge HLVSC 2024 [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/5b1a02f7-71f0-4dc9-8e76-3df03b2c6d31/00.%20Basic%20Knowledge%20HLVSC%20(2024).pdf]   sinai31 [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/ab6b56db-8db4-463c-99c4-bcafbf68165a?width=1080&height=1080]
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