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The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement (VEYM) is a non-profit faith based organization with aims to train youth to become well-rounded individuals within society and ideal Christians. At present, there are over 130 VEYM Chapters at parishes across the US with approximately 2500 youth leaders and over 25,000 youth members.

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National Day of Apostolic Works & Facebook Giving Tuesday 2022
November 14, 2022
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the National Executive Committee invites you to participate in this year's Facebook Giving Tuesday Campaign for Charity and the VEYM National Day of Apostolic Works campaign. Please see attached memorandum for more details.  We also humbly ask the League of Chapter Presidents and all Chapter Presidents to kindly share these initiatives with your chapters and encourage the charitable spirits participation.  Ndaw2022 [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/be7ae84c-bce2-4595-af8c-6f096be88831?width=909&height=706] Givingtuesday [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/e0f287b4-24cd-461d-95ff-1b11ac3cba0a?width=685&height=912]
Procedure for VEYM Promotions; Ordering of VEYM Scarves and Rank Certificates
November 10, 2022
BCHTU chúng con xin gởi lời chào thân ái nhất đến quí vị. Chúng con xin quí vị vui lòng xem các văn thư cập nhật đính kèm liên quan đến việc thăng cấp cùng cách đặt chứng chỉ, huy hiệu, khăn quàng, và đồng phục chính thức của Phong Trào.  Mọi thắc mắc và góp ý, xin quí vị liên lạc với chúng con tại điện thư headquarters@VEYM.net.  Please see the updated policy regarding the application process for VEYM promotions and the process of ordering VEYM scarves, rank certificates, insignia badges, and official merchandise. If you have any questions, please kindly email headquarters@VEYM.net.  BCHTU chúng con chân thành cảm ơn lòng yêu thương và hỗ trợ của quí vị dành cho Phong Trào.  Đặc biệt là sự hợp tác của mọi người giúp chúng con trong việc quản lý các qui trình trên.  Nguyện xin Anh Cả Giêsu, qua lời chuyển cầu của Mẹ Maria và Thánh Cả Giuse, chúc lành và gìn giữ quí Cha, quí Trợ Úy, quí Trợ Tá, quí Huynh Trưởng và toàn thể thành viên. The National Executive Committee appreciates your ongoing love and support for the Vietnamese Eucharistic Movement, especially your cooperation in assisting the Headquarters in managing this process. May the love and grace of Jesus Christ, through the intercession of Mary and Saint Joseph, bless you always N22 009 Procedure for Veym Promotions; Ordering of Veym Scarves and Rank Certificates [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/6e2f7c1e-c922-4d14-9744-0991da099c71/N22-009%20Procedure%20for%20VEYM%20Promotions;%20Ordering%20of%20VEYM%20Scarves%20and%20Rank%20Certificates.pdf] Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Form [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/1f3054c4-21fb-4a65-ac13-70a37618d575/Code%20of%20Conduct%20Acknowledgement%20Form.pdf] VEYM TNTT Code of Coduct Final Version 09/06/2022 [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/1ef1e5ed-8aa5-446b-8c11-be571eaeae61/VEYM%20TNTT%20Code%20of%20Coduct%20Final%20Version%209-6-2022.pdf] Đơn Xin Thăng Cấp Và Trao Khăn HT/TT/HLV [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/5529d544-86f7-437f-af4a-3a6ea9fd303f/%C4%90%C6%A1n%20Xin%20Th%C4%83ng%20C%E1%BA%A5p%20v%C3%A0%20Trao%20Kh%C4%83n%20HT-TT-HLV_Fillable.pdf] Đơn Xin Trao Khăn Trợ Uý Và Tuyên Uý [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/0582dca3-b2ce-4108-bd6b-472cda8eb2d5/%C4%90%C6%A1n%20Xin%20Trao%20Kh%C4%83n%20Tr%E1%BB%A3%20U%C3%BD%20v%C3%A0%20Tuy%C3%AAn%20U%C3%BD_Fillable.pdf] Post Camp Completion Verification Form [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/f5302d0d-47be-495f-a8e5-78ecb322036a/Post-Camp%20Completion%20Verification%20Form_Fillable.pdf] Promotion Request Excel Sheet [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/e95a86a0-c335-4fa1-bdb2-5cfe4d827bdb/Promotion%20Request%20Excel%20Sheet%209-6-22.xlsx]
Updated Training Camp Announcement - Tiberia 17, 18 & Sinai 30
November 07, 2022
Xin kính gởi đến quí Cha và quí Trưởng thông báo cập nhật về các sa mạc: Tiberia 17, Tiberia 18 và Sinai 30.  Xin quí vị xem thông tin đính kèm.  Chúng con kính xin quí Tuyên Úy khuyến khích và tạo mọi điều kiện giúp các HT tại địa phương tham gia các sa mạc trên.  Xin quí Liên Đoàn Trưởng và Đoàn Trưởng phổ biến thông tin đến các Huynh Trưởng trong Đoàn/Liên Đoàn. N22 011 (Amended) Thong Bao Sa Mac Tiberia 17 & 18 and Sinai 30 [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/f2f498f8-9a3c-4a78-a889-4a3e074f1d31/N22-011%20Amended%20Thong%20Bao%20Sa%20Mac%20Tiberia%2017%20&%2018%20and%20Sinai%2030%20-%202023.pdf] Application Sinai 30 [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/393fdb41-8e48-473b-ab9d-1b1238d8f8a5/APPLICATION%20FOR%20HLVTC%20SINAI%2030] Application Tiberia 17 [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/9b987e74-6afb-490a-a371-8cc537fc1944/APPLICATION%20FOR%20CAP%203%20TIBERIA%2017] Application Tiberia 18 [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/7960dfa6-adf0-4500-8c1d-f8725c333d47/APPLICATION%20FOR%20CAP%203%20TIBERIA%2018] VEYM Participant Agreement Form [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/75a44fda-67ca-4206-840d-845cc2fc1be6/VEYM%20PARTICIPANT%20AGREEMENT%20FORM]  
VEYM Raffles - Headquarter Building Renovation and Debt Payoff
November 07, 2022
Dearest VEYM family,   On behalf of the VEYM National Executive Committee, happy National Vocation Awareness Week! We are forever grateful to all of our beloved Chaplains and Clergical Chaplain-Assistants for your "yes" and for your joyful presence in our lives.  We lovingly lifted all of you up in our prayers along with the prayer intention for more vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and consecrated life in the world.   As presented at the Joshua & Youth Leader Trainers Congress in July, please find the letter from the General Chaplain to the Chapter Chaplains and the letter from the Finance Committee in regard to the VEYM Raffles Fundraising Campaign attached.  We sincerely ask for your generosity in prayers for the initiative. Also, please kindly help spread the words and actively participate so VEYM can meet the financial needs of the local chapters while having the financial means to renovate our headquarters building to better serve our mission to educate youths to become virtuous people and holy Christians.  Thank you so much for your generous support!   Have a blessed & joyful day!     Raffles [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/dc8594c0-799a-4299-9c88-179d2c06efd9?width=458&height=693]       United in the Eucharist * VEYM Special Raffle Fundraising Campaign [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/f3c17848-89ed-4293-9513-237371380a26/VEYM%20Special%20Raffle%20Fundraising%20Campaign.pptx] * VEYM HQ Building Donation Pledge Form [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/5195fdf6-fb9c-4fe4-94fb-c9ff165a1e03/VEYM%20HQ%20Building%20Donation%20Pledge%20Form%20-%20Fillable.pdf] * Thư Kêu Gọi Từ Veym Ban Tài Chánh 2022 [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/a2498010-c27b-4d5d-adbc-520ca960e343/Thu%CC%9B%20Ke%CC%82u%20Go%CC%A3i%20tu%CC%9B%CC%80%20VEYM%20Ban%20Ta%CC%80i%20Cha%CC%81nh%202022%20Final.pdf] * VEYM Bán Vé Số 2022 [https://cmsv2.veym.net/assets/bfe290c5-6252-430d-9ffb-c718f84d7890/Thu%CC%9B%20Gu%CC%9B%CC%89i%20Quy%CC%81%20Cha%20Tuye%CC%82n%20U%CC%81y%20-%20VEYM%20Ba%CC%81n%20Ve%CC%81%20So%CC%82%CC%81%202022%20Final.pdf]


Pope's Monthly Intention

November 2022


Revival's in the Air

An exciting journey ahead

Our world is hurting. We all need healing, yet many of us are separated from the very source of our strength. Jesus Christ invites us to return to the source and summit of our faith: his Real Presence in the Eucharist. The National Eucharistic Revival is a movement to restore understanding and devotion to this great mystery here in the United States.

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eucharistic revival
National Eucharistic Revival Initiative
September 12, 2022
At the recent Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) launched the national Eucharistic Revival initiative. Its aim, to renew the Church by enkindling a living relationship with the Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Through this national movement, the Church in the U.S. hopes to inspire Catholics across the country to restore understanding and devotion, to encounter Jesus’ Real Presence in the Eucharist, and to be sent forth as missionaries “for the life of the world.” More information on USCCB’s Eucharistic Revival can be found at https://www.eucharisticrevival.org [https://www.eucharisticrevival.org]. In union with the USCCB, the VEYM is answering the invitation to revive our belief in the source and summit of our faith, and to strengthen our own mission to be united with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. As announced at the Joshua and Youth Leader Trainers Congress this past summer by our General Chaplain, all VEYM members are called to action. It takes time to ignite the fire and passion in the Eucharist, as such, the National Academic Committee outlines a three-year plan to pray, learn, discern, and encounter Christ. Please see the attached documents as a road map for the VEYM as we answer this historic call to revival. Over the course of the next three years, the National Academic Committee will provide training and formation resources to complement the 3-year plan.
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Over 2,500 youth leaders serving 135+ Chapters throughout the country.

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Apostolic Work

"The youth must do apostolic work first and directly to the youth"

-Decree Lay Apostolicity, no. 12

apostolic work
apostolic work
apostolic work
Eucharistic Revival

Eucharistic Revival

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