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The Response
May 28, 2023
Now that we’ve learned about the call to holiness, how can we respond to that call? In this week’s reel, Tr. Christina shares some small steps you can take to start living out your vocation. #reellifevocation #vocation #catholic #catholicchurch #catholiclife
The Call
May 21, 2023
Have you found the vocation that God is calling you to? Join Tr. Christina in this week’s reel to hear about her vocation story, how she discerned God’s calling for her, and how you can realize your own calling. #reellifevocation #vocation #catholic #catholicchurch #catholiclife
The Search
May 15, 2023
What are you searching for? Do you ever feel unsatisfied in your life? Tune in with Tr. Christina in this week’s reel as we ponder about our desires and how they are signs of what we are actually searching for. #reellifevocation #vocation #catholic #catholicchurch #catholiclife  
What is your vocation?
May 07, 2023
Ever wondered about your purpose in life? Do you know your vocation? Tune in with Tr. Christina in the first of 4 weekly reels to discover your ultimate vocation, and how God is inviting you to live the most beautiful and fulfilling life. #reellifevocation #vocation #catholic #catholicchurch #catholiclife  
World Day of Prayer for Vocations
April 30, 2023
World Day of Prayer for Vocations is a day to celebrate and recognize those who are living out their vocation, in whatever form that may take. CELEBRATING VOCATIONS * Celebrating those who have chosen religious life * Celebrating those who have chosen to marry * Celebrating those who have made a consecration NEW VIDEO SERIES A new video series is coming up highlighting the joys of all vocations.  Follow VEYM on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to keep up with updates!  

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Tin Vui

LĐ Nguồn Sống Sa Mạc Lửa Thiêng 55 - Cấp II Ngành Nghĩa Sĩ
April 02, 2023
Within the same weekend, LĐ Nguồn Sống also hosted another fruitful training camp, Sa Mạc Lửa Thiêng 55 - Cấp II Ngành Nghĩa Sĩ. The SMS spent 4 days together to fuel their soul with spiritual nourishments, learned many beneficial lessons, enjoyed delicious food, and built relationships with other Huynh Trưởng around the nation. May they go forth and continue to live The Eucharistic Day and strengthen their relationship with God so that everything they do, they do it in the name of God! 
LĐ Sinai Sa Mạc Lửa Thiêng 56 - Cấp II Ấu Nhi
April 02, 2023
Thanks be to God for another successful training camp at LĐ Sinai. Nearly 50 Huynh Trưởng along with Ban Điều Hành, Ban Tổ Chức, Ban Huấn Luyện and many individuals who have sacrificed their weekend to pitch into the success of this camp. May the SMS bring home all of the fruits that they have harvested and become a contributor with the knowledge they have received to the growth of their local chapter. 
LĐ Nguồn Sống Sa Mạc Samaritanô 75
April 02, 2023
Cuối tuần vừa qua, LĐ Nguồn Sống tổ chức Sa Mạc Samaritano 75 và đã huấn luyện gần 30 Sa Mạc Sinh. Tạ ơn Chúa cho sự hy sinh phục vụ của họ và sẵn sàng đến với Sa Mạc để trao dồi thêm kiến thức về Phong Trào Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể. Nguyện xin Chúa Giêsu Thánh Thể, qua lời cầu bầu của Mẹ Maria luôn nâng đỡ quý Trợ Tá để họ chở thành những người tông đồ luôn hy sinh và phục vụ cho Đoàn, Liên Đoàn, và Phong Trào. 
Level II Training Camps Scholarship Winners ($200)
April 01, 2023
Congratulations to the VEYM's Scholarship winners! 1. Tr. Maria Hứa Xuân Mai - Đoàn Gioan Tiền Hô, Huntington Beach - LĐ Nguồn Sống 2. Tr. Lê T. John - Đoàn Kitô Vua, Denver - LĐ Gioan Phaolô II  3. Tr. Đỗ Phương Trinh Michelle - Đoàn Đức Mẹ Mông Triệu, Anaheim, LĐ Nguồn Sống 
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February 08, 2023N23-001N23-001 HLV-CPD and Faculty ID Cardenglish
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