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Welcome to VEYM

The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement (VEYM) is a non-profit faith based organization with aims to train youth to become well-rounded individuals within society and ideal Christians. The+ VEYM is a branch of the Apostleship of Prayer, now known as the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, an official pontifical service under the Holy See. At present, there are over 130 VEYM Chapters at parishes across the US with approximately 2500 youth leaders and over 25,000 youth members.

Month of the Holy Rosary Spiritual Bouquet Campaign

In union with the Catholic Church during the month of October, the National Executive Committee invites all VEYM members to enter into a more intimate relationship with Jesus through praying the Rosary and actively partake in VEYM’s Month of the Holy Rosary Spiritual Bouquet Campaign.

Individual Spiritual Bouquet:

Throughout the month of October, on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all members are invited to pray the Rosary and the special intention led by our 11 Leagues of Chapters and Headquarters


DAYS: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during October

•10/04 – Headquarters; Holy Father’s monthly intention for October
•10/06 – Liên Đoàn San Diego; end of the pandemic
•10/08 – Liên Đoàn Nguồn Sống; victims of hurricane Ida, Nicholas and other natural disasters
•10/11 – Liên Đoàn Ra Khơi; victims of the recent earthquake and political turmoil in Haiti
•10/13 – Liên Đoàn Đaminh Saviô; the people and refugees of Afghanistan and around the world
•10/15 – Liên Đoàn Biển Đức; victims of human trafficking
•10/18 – Liên Đoàn Sinai; unity in the Church and family
•10/20 – Liên Đoàn Thánh Gia; countries under religious and political persecutions
•10/22 – Liên Đoàn Phaolô Hạnh; religious vocations and the priesthood
•10/25 – Liên Đoàn Gioan Phaolô II; all departed souls
•10/27 – Liên Đoàn Joan d’ Arc; VEYM and youth ministries in the world
•10/29 – Liên Đoàn Inhaxiô; peace in the world


Chapter Spiritual Bouquet:

All Chapters are invited to host at minimum one Holy Rosary prayer session at the desired date/time in the month of October to offer to Mary for their respective chapter members.


For more information, see the announcement: N21-004 October Rosary Month

Huynh Trưởng Webinar with Tr. Bao Hanh and Tr. Jenny

Happening this Friday! Amazing skills to have! Please join us and Tr. Bảo Hạnh in this seminar to sharpen our skills for engaging youth members, enhance their knowledge retention, and increase their faith learning outcome.


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Pope's Monthly Intention

October 2021

Missionary Disciples

We pray that every baptized person may be engaged in evangelization, available to the mission, by being witnesses of a life that has the flavor of the Gospel.

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