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Welcome to VEYM

The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement (VEYM) is a non-profit faith based organization with aims to train youth to become well-rounded individuals within society and ideal Christians. The+ VEYM is a branch of the Apostleship of Prayer, now known as the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, an official pontifical service under the Holy See. At present, there are over 130 VEYM Chapters at parishes across the US with approximately 2500 youth leaders and over 25,000 youth members.

Supplemental Resources

Dearest Chapter Executive Committees:

As announced in the letter to parents, to help the youth continue to live the faith and pray during the duration of home bound due to the COVID-19, in addition to the live stream Holy Mass for the youth each week at 12:00PM EST on facebook "Veym-Usa Tntt", the National Academic Committee has also prepared supplemental resources to aid with the Weekly Gospel Lessons that the parents are invited to use to journey with the youth while they're absent from TNTT activities. Kindly help to forward the resource to TNTT parents weekly. These video resources will also be posted on our website at and facebook "Veym-Usa Tntt".

The lessons for 3/15/2020 can be found here:

A special thank you to the National Academic Committee in providing the VEYM with the supplemental resources in record time so that the youth may have a richer experience in learning God's Word through the Weekly Gospel Lesson each week. Please also use this opportunity to promote and encourage the youth to live the Eucharistic Day that the VEYM recently completed a national campaign.

Coming to the Promised Land National Convention

Dearest Chaplains, Chaplain Assistants, Youth-Leader Trainers, and Youth-Leaders of all ranks

In accordance with the Bylaws as set forth by the National Leadership Council with regards to the planning and organizing of the Coming to the Promised Land National Convention once every four years, with great excitement, the National Executive Committee hereby officially announce and invite all eligible members to register for the 7th Coming to the Promised Land National Convention.

  1. Theme: “Though Many, Are One Body” 1 Cor 12:12.
  2. Location: Glorieta Adventure Camps, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
  3. Date & Time: 12:00PM Thursday, July 2nd – 12:00PM Sunday, July 5th, 2020.
  4. Registration Fee, Refund and Aid:
    *$200.00 before January 15th, 2020
    *$215.00 before March 15th, 2020
    *$250.00 on or after March 15th, 2020
  5. Note:
    *Absolute deadline to register is May 15th, 2020
    *Refund available if cancelled by 5/15/2020; $10 administrative fee per cancelled registration
    *Scholarships and Raffle Fundraising opportunities to be announced in the near future
    *Register at
  6. Eligibility: Registration is open to all Huynh Trưởng, Trợ Tá, Trợ Úy, Tuyên Úy.  Hiệp Sĩ Trưởng Thành (18 years and older) are not eligible to attend.  Those not yet promoted but will may register early to benefit from lower registration fees.  Spouses and legal dependent children of Huynh Trưởng, Trợ Tá, Trợ Úy (permanent deacons) are invited. Registrants must be in good standing and Chapter membership dues is current.
  7. To register, volunteer to serve in committees, and to follow the latest news available regarding registration, activities, competitions, promotions, performance, sports, speakers, daily agenda, networking opportunity, accommodations, vocation booth opportunity, and more, please visit the website at or VEYM’s Facebook Group “Coming to the Promised Land 7 National Convention”.
  8. Volunteer Request: Share your talents by volunteering in one of the many committees under the organizing committee by visiting Volunteers must also register to attend.

In an effort to come together as one body in Christ, the National Executive Committee calls on all levels of leaderships within the Movement to motivate, encourage and create opportunities for members within your area of responsibility to attend and actively participate in the Coming to the Promised Land 7 National Convention.  Thank you for your leadership and as always, please contact us at should you have questions.

As we continue with our campaign to pray for all souls, we pray that through the mercy of God, may the souls of the departed enter God’s heavenly Kingdom.  Amen.

In Christ.
Fr. Francis Xavier Nguyễn Thanh Bình, SVD
General Chaplain and Convention Chaplain

On behalf of the National Executive Committee,
Tr. Đaminh Hoàng Công Thái Dương
President, National Executive Committee
Chair, Convention Organizing Committee

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We pray that Christians, followers of other religions, and all people of goodwill may promote peace and justice in the world.