Congratulations to the first ever cohort of finalists who made it to our VEYM National Student Curriculum Tournament!! 🤩🥰🥳 

After months of studying, these individuals have successfully competed against their peers at the chapter and League of Chapters level. They were selected to advance to the national stage to represent their League of Chapters at our historic first tournament. Following a night of prayer and bonding, our NS/HS have grown close to one another and have made lifelong friends on this journey. All participants are winners and deserve much accolades. Congratulations!! 👏 🥳

Please put your likes/hearts together and cheer on our top winners: 

Individual Nghĩa Sĩ CTTT Tournament

  • 1st place - Nguyễn Angelina, Liên Đoàn Thánh Gia
  • 2nd place - Vũ Millicent, Liên Đoàn Nguồn Sống
  • 3rd place - Trần Nina, Liên Đoàn San Diego

Individual Hiệp Sĩ CTTT Tournament 

  • 1st place - Nguyễn Cindy, Liên Đoàn San Diego
  • 2nd place - Nguyễn Linda, Liên Đoàn Biển Đức
  • 3rd place - Kiều Anthony, Liên Đoàn Thánh Gia

Team CTTT Tournament 

  • 1st place, Liên Đoàn Nguồn Sống (Vũ Millicent and Trần Angelin)
  • 2nd place, Liên Đoàn Thánh Gia (Nguyễn Angelina and Kiều Anthony)
  • 3rd place, Liên Đoàn Biển Đức (Đỗ Ethan and Nguyễn Linda) 

Congratulations again and God bless!! A special thanks to EVERYONE who made this possible for our NS/HS.

Get your NS/HS ready and see you all at the next VEYM National Student Curriculum Tournament. 😇🥰🤩🥳

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