As our VEYM enters the next historic phase, all Chaplains (Tuyên Úy), Religious Chaplain Assistants (Trợ Úy), Youth Leader Trainers (Huấn Luyện Viên), and Youth Leader Trainers candidates (Huấn Luyện Viên dự bị) are invited to this important congress. 

The gathering is a wonderful chance to reconnect with other HLVs across the VEYM and get first hand account on major changes to our training camps (Servant Leaders Training Manual / Quy Chế Huấn Luyện) and ways to improve the training curriculum of our training camps across the Movement. As a HLV, by registering, you'll also satisfy your requirement to keep your faculty status current as outlined in the HLV Continuing Professional Development requirements. 

We're blessed to have with us bishops, priests, and keynote speakers to dwell into the discussion of the VEYM and the Eucharist. You'll love what is to come in these keynote talks and discussions as we live the year of the Eucharistic Revival.  

At the gathering, you'll join VEYM across our Movement to witness the installation of our new General Chaplain (Tổng Tuyên Úy), the introductions of our 3 Episcopal Advisors (Các Giám Mục Cố Vấn cho Phong Trào), and the swearing in of the new National Academic Committee (Ban Nghiên Huấn Trung Ương) board.  

Your attendance will level up our Movement's presence in the US as we continue to bring God's love to young people.


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