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Dearest Chaplains, Chaplain Assistants, and Youth Leaders:

Building up from the success of last year’s championship, the National Executive Committee invites all Chapters and Leagues of Chapters to begin preparing for VEYM 2024 Student Curriculum Championship/Thi Đua Chương Trình Thăng Tiến Đoàn Sinh. Our second championship will take place at our VEYM Headquarters building this summer. All Leagues of Chapters are invited to provide opportunities for Chapters and encourage youth members to prepare and participate in local competitions leading up to the championship.


  • What: VEYM 2024 Student Curriculum Championship
  • Who: 1 Companion/Nghĩa Sĩ and 1 Knight of the Eucharists/Hiệp Sĩ nominated by each League of Chapters.
    • Knight of the Eucharists/Hiệp Sĩ who will turn 18 between March and August 2024 and have not attended Youth Leader Level I training camp are eligible to participate. Affiliated chapter or participants must be in good standing and compliant with VEYM guidelines. To allow opportunities for other members to participate, winners from 2023 will not be eligible to participate.
  • Where: VEYM headquarters, Anaheim, CA
  • When: 05:00PM August 30th – 10:00PM August 31st, 2024
    • Important: All participating members MUST be present at 0500PM to register and to go through championship orientation. Failure to be present at 0500PM will disqualify participating members.
  • How: Similar to last year, trivia style questions with timer on the following five categories:
    • Thánh Kinh / Weekly Gospels from September 2023 to June 2024
    • Thánh Thể / Wonders of the Mass Video Series\
    • Phong Trào / VEYM Bylaws (organizational structure), VEYM current events, and misc.
    • Chuyên Môn / Natural skills (Morse, Semaphore, Knots, Nature Signs, Formation/Nghiêm Tập)
    • Sinh Hoạt / Songs

Individual/Team Prizes

  • 1st place, $500/$1000;
  • 2nd place, $300/$600;
  • 3rd place, $200/$400

Travel Stipend

Travel stipend provided (flight ticket not to exceed $500/person, full lodging and meals) for 1 Companion and 1 Knight of the Eucharist member from each League of Chapters.

Nomination Due Date

Each League of Chapters to submit the names of 1 Companion and 1 Knight of the Eucharist member by July 30th, 2024. Further logistic details will be communicated to League of Chapters presidents prior to the championship date.

Inviting all Leagues of Chapters and Chapters to make every possible opportunity for our members to join.

Official Announcement Document

Official Announcement